We operate generator driven electric submersible pumps because they are the safest and most effective way of dewatering quarry sumps, they are easy to setup and do not require priming.

Our generators are silenced and can operate 24/7 with up to 120 hours between refuelling.

The 4 inch pumps are capable of pumping 2,500 LPM, whilst the 6 inch pumps can achieve 6,000 LPM.

We also have a fleet of high volume hydraulically driven trailer mounted water pumps designed for fast bulk filling of water carts.

The have a capacity of up to 14,000 LPM filling most conventional water carts within 2 minutes.

Being trailer mounted they are easy to pack up and relocate to another filling point. Setup time is around 15 minutes.

Demonstration Video – Mobile Pump Setup
Demonstration Video – Mobile Pump Filling Water Cart