Contrary to popular belief, Caterpillar cannot always supply all the necessary spare parts and components over the counter for our specialised equipment.

Unfortunately Caterpillar does not keep a complete range od scraper spare parts in Australia, they have virtually no auger spares, so LSE holds a complete range of auger parts.

We carry in-house rebuilt components such as engines, transmissions, differentials, wheel housings and all auger components to ensure that we can meet our customer’s deadlines.

The cranes on our field service trucks are capable of lifting every major 637 scraper component, including engine and transmission packs.

Our qualified mechanics have forklift, crane and dogman certifications.

Our service trucks carry a wide range of common components such as starter motors and alternators.

Due to world demand, the supply of earthmover tyres can quickly dry up. LSE has an arrangement with Bridgestone Earthmover Tyres, where we pre-purchase & they hold in stock a set of tyres for every tyre size we use.