The backbone of our equipment is our fleet of 9 Caterpillar 627 and 637 Twin Powered Scrapers.

The benefit of twin powered scrapers is that they are 4 wheel drive, giving the ability to work efficiently on steep haul roads as well as in slippery conditions. This boosts productivity by increasing the available working days per year.

The auger scrapers have the ability to fully load by themselves, without creating dust unlike elevator scrapers.

The powerful auger breaks down the raw material particle size, which results in optimal layering, reducing secondary compaction effort to meet compaction criteria.

Auger scrapers are able to load hard shales without the need of a large bulldozer to rip the material or to push load the scraper.

  • Caterpillar 627E Auger
  • Caterpillar 627F Auger
  • Caterpillar 627G Auger
  • Caterpillar 637D Auger
  • Caterpillar 637E Push – Pull’s
Demonstration Video – 637 Auger Loading
Demonstration Video – 637 Auger Unloading