At Lance Smith Excavations we repair and maintain all our own equipment, this means that we control the quality of work and can prioritise all the repair and maintenance tasks.

When a piece of equipment breaks down our dedicated mechanics can be immediately dispatched to minimise the downtime.

Our main repair facility located in Bayswater Victoria, is outfitted with a 5 tonne gantry crane.

Our fleet of maintenance vehicles include:

  • Isuzu 700 maintenance truck with 4 tonne crane, large air compressor and welder.
  • Isuzu 1000 maintenance truck with 5 tonne remote crane, large air compressor and welder.
  • Isuzu 950 service truck fitted with oil dispensing reels, large air compressor, oil evacuation system and oil tanks.
  • Fully equipped tandem air-conditioning repair trailer.
  • Ford Ranger service vehicles.